Tips for Introducing a New Dog to a Home with Resident Dogs

introducing new dogs

Tips for Introducing a New Dog to a Home with Resident Dogs Post by guest blogger, Abi Pennavaria As a pet parent, you love your dog. So much so, in fact, that you’ve been considering adopting another one! After all, what could be better than more than one dog to love? Being … [Read more...]

PET SUMMER SAFETY from Dogs Are Deserving Rescue

PET SUMMER SAFETY Summer is here! While summer brings longer days filled with loads of fun, the season can also bring potential pet hazards. Please be aware of these hazards and do all that you can to protect your pup. To help you and your furry companions safely enjoy all … [Read more...]

Summer is Here!

Do not leave dogs in hot cars

Summer is officially here! And while we all love a little summer outdoor time, there are some important things to remember when it comes to caring for your dogs. Please share! Keep walks to a minimum during the hottest parts of the day, and stick to the shady parts of the … [Read more...]

No Easter Chocolate for the Dogs!

Dogs are Deserving Rescue

"Remind me again...WHY can't I have chocolate in my Easter basket???" Most everybody knows that chocolate is not good for dogs.  But did you know that even a little bite of chocolate can be harmful? Chocolate has an ingredient that can cause seizures, tremors, respiratory … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Safety for the Dogs

Dogs are thankful too

  The house is cleaned, the table is set, the turkey and dressing are in the oven...and the family and friends on their way with side dishes and desserts.  It's almost time to relax, eat, enjoy the full house of loved ones and give thanks. So, what's Mr. Fido doing … [Read more...]

Trick or Treat? Keep Halloween fun and safe for your dog!

dog in grass skirt costume

Trick or Treat?    Keep Halloween fun and safe for your dog! With all the spooks, gremlins and superheroes coming to the door, it can be an exceedingly anxious time for your dog.  It can be very scary for them and they may feel a need to protect you from these strange little … [Read more...]