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Summer is here! While summer brings longer days filled with loads of fun, the season can also bring potential pet hazards. Please be aware of these hazards and do all that you can to protect your pup.

To help you and your furry companions safely enjoy all that summer brings, keep an eye on these seasonal hazards:

  • HEAT

    An obvious one, yes, but people still seem to forget that the weather can affect our pets just as it does us. From heat stroke to burns, make sure your pet is drinking enough water and invest in dog-friendly sunscreen if you’ll be out for a long period of time. NEVER NEVER NEVER leave a pet in the car during a hot day, even if for only a few minutes! Do the concrete test before each walk. If you can’t leave your bare hand or foot on the sidewalk/road for 10 seconds, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws too.



    While some animals take to the water like they were born in it, not all animals love it. Many dogs and cats can’t swim and can fall in open pools. Even small animals that can swim might not be able to pull themselves out, causing them to over exhaust themselves and drown. Watch your pets by pools and make sure your children know not to force an animal into the water.



    According to “Pet parents residing in tall buildings often allow their cats to sun themselves in open windows and on fire escapes, unaware that their felines’ prey drive may lead them to pounce on moving birds or insects. Tragically, falls often result in shattered jaws, punctured lungs, broken limbs—and even death.” When a cat falls, it’s unintentional. Focusing too intently on something outside, rolling to another sleeping position, or not realizing they cannot claw into brick, concrete or steel surfaces are major reasons cats fall out of windows and off fire escapes. Make sure your windows have screens. A window hammock or cat tree is a great alternative to a windowsill.



    A little extra grooming goes a long way during the hot summer months. Brush your pet daily to get rid of excess or matted fur that can weigh a him down and contribute to overheating. Never trim or cut too closely since your pet’s coat protects them from the harsh summer sun’s rays.



    Keep an eye on your pets around grills. They, like you, will be eyeing the delicious food. Don’t let them too close to a hot grill. And to be safe, here are some popular cookout foods to watch out for:

    • Meat with Barbecue Sauce: This can cause diarrhea in dogs.
    • Corn on the Cob: Dogs have difficulty digesting corn cobs, which can be a choking hazard.
    • Fruits with Pits: Peaches, avocados and other pitted fruit can also be choking hazards.
    • Food with Bones: Real bones in food might sound like a dog treat but can be very unsafe. Things like bone-in wings can be very dangerous for your pet, as they may splinter and hurt their GI systems, sometimes even piercing their bowels. 
    • Foods with Toothpicks or Skewers: An overlooked toothpick or skewer can pierce or make a hole in your pet’s intestines.


While scary, this information is only meant to caution pet owners for a safe and fun-filled summer. Use your best judgment so your pets can join in on good summer vibes with no problems…and avoid trips to the emergency room!

Happy Summer!

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