resourcesinternalMaxEssAngFoster homes are the heart of rescue, without foster homes a rescue can’t save lives. Fostering not only saves lives but changes lives, not only the life you are saving but your life will never be the same when you foster that life. You are the pathway to a new life. You provide that life with what they will need so that they will in turn have the best life they are deserving of. Fostering a dog will not cost you anything but your time, patience and love. The hardest part to fostering is not the broken soul that might come to you, the hardest part comes when it is time to let them go, but knowing that they are safe forever and because of you they will live that life they deserve because there is another dog that needs you more. There is another dog that needs you just as much as you need them, your life will be forever changed by the things you never knew you were capable of doing all because you do what it takes to foster. Many will ask you why or how can you do it, how do you invest so much, how do you let them go? It is because a good life is what all dogs are deserving of.

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