success stories


DukeSo, we failed. We failed so hard. Duke is in his home, furever. We seriously love Dana at NCAC and Jana and the whole Dogs Are Deserving Rescue (and special thanks to Lisa for “encouraging” me to foster!) We are looking forward to the new year!
 -Mayer Family


RoxieWe adopted Roxie about five months ago and she is a perfect addition to our family. She’s a great snuggler in bed as long as she’s warm under the covers and has added youth to our ten year old mastiff Zoey. They are best buddies   As you can see Roxie loves to lay all over her when she chews on her toys!  The grandkids love playing with her because she’s so full of energy yet gentle as a lamb. She even keeps the cats outside in good shape. They have learned to scale trees in 2.5 seconds!  Dogs are deserving are fabulous ladies to work with. Always there to answer any questions and will find you the perfect fur baby. We are thinking about adopting another dog because this transaction went so smooth and with a few acres to run around, and enough love to go around, one more dog would round the family out!  Thank you Dogs are Deserving…you are the best!

Deb and Wayne Warn


Jozie Rae

Jozie colts

I’m 7 ½ months old already and have been with my furever family since June!  I love them so much!  I have a fur sister Tater that is showing me the ropes!  I am potty trained, I can “wait” for my treats, and I even wait patiently while Mommy dries my paws when it’s wet outside!  I love to cuddle with my sister Maddie, and I sleep in brother Chase’s bed most of the time!  I was very scared of the basement stairs, but the entire family helped me go up and down a few times, and now I’m a pro!  I really like that Mommy gives me a treat when I go down there with her! J  Even though I like to tear up all my toys and make a mess, I know how to play nice!  (Well sometimes I get a little excited, but I listen when Daddy tells me to settle down!)  Brother Chase says I’m doing really good when he takes me for walks, and although I’m a little scared, I do love to ride in Daddy’s truck!  I’m so happy that my family was foster failures!  Thanks for helping me find them Dogs are Deserving!


jadeI started to foster for Dogs Are Deserving by bringing home a little puppy, as I knew that would be the only kind my dog would tolerate.  48 hours later, he was adopted.  When I was asked if I wanted his sister to foster, I jumped at the chance.  In comes Jade.  My dog and Jade got along great right away.  Everything my dog did, Jade would try to do.  Then came the day she was going to an adoption event.  I tried to be happy for her but kept my fingers crossed that no one would adopt her.  When she came back to the house, I knew in my heart she was going to be mine.  She has fit in so well here and the bond she has with my other dog is amazing.  I always swore I would never bring home a puppy, give me an older dog, but she has brought much joy to our lives.






IMG_1870Ruthie’s journey started out as a sleepover at our house. She came and never left. At first we decided to foster her. She soon became a part of our family. As time went on and the more interest she received made us realize we wanted her to stay and just couldn’t let her go. We are so glad that Dogs are Deserving gave her a second chance. Going through this rescue has been a wonderful experience. Thank you.