Thanksgiving Safety for the Dogs

Dogs are thankful too

Billy Ray says “Thank you” for saving me this year Dogs are Deserving Rescue!


The house is cleaned, the table is set, the turkey and dressing are in the oven…and the family and friends on their way with side dishes and desserts.  It’s almost time to relax, eat, enjoy the full house of loved ones and give thanks.

So, what’s Mr. Fido doing right now?  He moved when you vacuumed the rugs, he followed you around the kitchen and dining room–watching that giant bird with an eagle’s eye, and now…?   Is he lurking around the garbage can?  Or maybe he’s getting a little skittish and nervous with all the activity.  Has he been out lately?  Is HE ready?  Imagine the smell of all those rich comfort foods simmering all day, the doorbell ringing, and all those new people in the house.  It’s enough to drive a dog mad.

Thanksgiving gatherings can be a trying time for everybody, especially Mr. Fido.  So here are a few quick tips to keep everyone happy and safe during the holidays.

First of all, please make sure Mr. Fido has his collar on, including all his up-to-date identification tags, just in case he decides to take advantage of an open door while people are coming and going.

It’s a good idea to give Mr. Fido a chew toy to keep his mind off things like the yummy smells in the garbage can or the easy access plates of food guests might leave around.  How about fixing him a Kong filled with a few bites of turkey or peanut butter?  It’ll give him something to do, and is a little special treat on this special day.  Be sure to remind guests to leave him alone while he’s enjoying his toy and his meal.

And speaking of that meal!   Of course, Mr. Fido is part of the family, and has many things he is thankful for too!   So of course, you will want to share the Thanksgiving meal with him.

However, there are certain foods Mr. Fido should NOT have for his health.  DO NOT FEED dogs the following:

  • TURKEY BONES.  These thin bones can splinter and get caught in dogs’ throats.
  • ONIONS & GARLIC.  These can cause anemia and death.
  • NUTMEG.  This can cause seizures.
  • GRAPES & RAISINS.  These can cause kidney failure.

Instead, offer Mr. Fido a Thanksgiving dish of boneless turkey or ham, with a side of sweet potatoes and a little pumpkin pie…all of those are fine in reasonable amounts (and without the nutmeg).   Like your guests, he will give thanks for the fine tastes of the season and for being part of his family’s celebration.

Make sure Mr. Fido has a place to go to be alone if the full house gets to be too much.  A quiet room, away from the crowd, with low lights, a warm bed and some soothing music is perfect…and maybe he’ll share his cozy calm place with you after the guests leave. 🙂

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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