Three Surprising Benefits of Fostering a Homeless Dog

Three Surprising Benefits of Fostering a Homeless Dog

Dogs are Deserving foster dog pit bull terrier at window

There are a million good reasons to foster a dog. Here are just three. Photo by David Taffet, Unsplash


You’re skeptical. Let us guess why:

  • You already have too many dogs.
  • Or, your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs.
  • Or, your kid bites and can’t be trusted with a dog.
  • Or, you are dogless and aren’t sure you have time for a dog.
  • Or, now is just not the best time to host a needy foster dog.

Did I miss any? And please, we’re not being judgmental. We just know.

We know these are all very good, perfectly valid reasons to not foster. But you’re reading this so far, and we’re hopeful. We need you. Dogs need you.

So, here are a few surprising benefits to fostering that you may not know.

1) Foster dogs are the perfect houseguests. They appreciate your hospitality in ways you can’t fully understand. You are their crash pad, their halfway house, their motel room on a long road, their rebound, their harbor. I’m not saying they are going to do their own laundry, take you out to dinner, or send a nice note later to say “hey, thanks!” But they will always remember you and the space you offered them when they needed it most.

2) Foster dogs are rich. Well, not in the monetary sense. But, they do come with their vet health care and food expenses paid by the rescue. Foster dogs also come with their own beds, crates, coats, brushes, shampoo, crate pads, toys, blankets, etc. And continuing education is included too, if needed. These foster dogs also have deep pockets of love that often come with lavish licks, copious cuddling, profuse playing, and infinite interest in everything you do. They will fill you up with good stories, good feelings, and good experiences.

3) Foster dogs make you a better person. They may arrive at your place hungry, scared, hurt, and/or heartbroken. Life has given them lemons, maybe even turds. Somehow, someone threw them a rope. They have a chance at a better life. You saved them. They know that. They love you for it and a dog’s love always makes you a better person.

When you foster with Dogs Are Deserving Rescue, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home and give him or her your love, care and attention. He or she agrees to give you love, care, and attention too.

Maybe the dog will stay only for a few days, maybe a few weeks, or maybe for a longer while—until he or she is adopted. That’s a discussion you’ll want to have with us when you apply. But even if it’s just a short time, when that day comes for the dog to move on, you can bet your buttons that you’re going to miss him. It hurts like hell. No lie.

But guess what? There’s always another deserving dog out there ready to enrich your life. And that last foster dog you hosted? Well, you can be sure he’s telling all his new friends about you…your awesome house, how you saved him, nursed him, taught him new things, fed him, loved him, and convinced him that people are indeed good. He will love you forever and ever.

And so will the next foster dog.  

If you have any questions about fostering, please ask.

To foster a dog with Dogs Are Deserving Rescue in the Chicagoland area, please fill out an application.

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