Borrowing a Dog from the Universe

Borrowing a Dog from the Universe is good karma.

Like a library book, a borrowed dog comes to stay with a Foster for a short time. But it’s a very special time. Think of this time as a safety-net, as a last grab before an unwanted dog goes over the cliff or down the drain. It is a time on the edge of life. Foster dogs sometimes come out of the shelter afraid, hurt, abused, neglected, untrusting, sick, hungry, dirty, unloved…or all of the above. Rescue groups and Fosters have plucked them from a dark shelf in the universe. Fosters will show them that they are loved. That they are safe. That they are good. That people are good. That the universe is good.

Dogs are deserving rescue DADR wishbone dog
Wishbone was a court case dog. Abused and neglected before being saved by DADR and his foster family.

Why borrow a dog from the universe?

Fostering increases a dog’s chance of getting adopted. Dogs are not themselves in the stress of a shelter. Personalities crumble. Confidence breaks down. Dogs shut down. Rescue groups pull dogs from shelters and put them with fosters to transition them. Foster families are usually the first to find out about the dog’s personality, his quirks and preferences. Fosters may be the first to teach him basic house manners, which will make him more appealing to potential adopters.

What is it like to borrow a dog from the universe?

Each foster experience is unique. Maybe he’s an adult dog who is house trained, and makes friends easily. Maybe she’s a just-weaned puppy who needs to learn how to go outside on a leash, and demands supervision for her puppy antics. Perhaps he’s an older dog who requires a soft couch for napping, some medication, and an occasional trip to a vet (paid for by the rescue). Or maybe she’s a formerly abused dog who is so scared she pancakes to the floor or sticks to the corners and might need weeks of gentle patience until she begins to trust for the first time in her life.

Fostering is flexible. Maybe it’s only for a week, a month, three months, or simply overnight. Maybe it’s a big dog, or small dog. Maybe the fostered dog needs to like cats, or little dogs, or children. Maybe the dog needs to like sitting on the couch watching movies. Whatever a foster needs, DADR will do our best to match our incoming dogs to a foster’s family and lifestyle.

Ok, really…What is it like to foster?

Gus dogs are deserving rescue toy dog

Gus and his new toy

“They all have different pasts and different issues. The most amazing thing is the look in their eyes when they know they don’t have to be afraid or scared anymore. I have had so many come in to my home who don’t even know what a toy is, or what a bone is. And when they finally play with that first toy, it makes me cry. Everytime. In a good way.” (Jana Pace)

“I learned that my foster, Coco, is afraid of the rain. One day after we’d had a bad snow and rain storm, we got stuck on our walk. We were surrounded by huge puddles in a wind tunnel between two buildings. Coco did not want to move. I think she must have been frozen there in fear. So, I picked up all 60 pounds of her and carried her through the puddles to dry land. Big pit bull, scared of the rain.” (Megan Gallagher)

elvis dogs are deserving rescue dog

Elvis loves a good day outside, followed by a tasty pot of home-made chili.

“We weren’t used to large dogs when Elvis came to stay with us. I made chili that first night. As we were getting tupperware out to put the leftovers away, Elvis stood up on the kitchen island and helped himself to my chili. Big dog lesson learned.” (Lisa Moreland)

“My first foster was supposed to be a 60 pound rottweiler-pit bull mix. Instead, I got a 5 pound chihuahua/terrier mix. No problem I thought. Easy to handle. What can he possibly get into? Well, those little terriers? They like to jump. A lot. I live in a first floor condo with a patio. The door to the patio has one of those latches that slide up and down to lock and unlock it. As I was returning home from taking my big dog from a walk, I saw little Bandit jumping up and down at the patio door…and all of a sudden hear the click. That little 5 pounder locked Ozzie and me out of the house. I had to break into a window, lift my 60 pound Pit and get him through the window and then climb through myself. Thanks Bandit!” (Chris Cozzi)

Chihuahua sock sweater

Overnight foster dog, Appaloosa, in her man’s sock sweater.

“I had to improvise a tiny ‘sweater’ out of a man’s sock for a feisty little naked chihuahua on the coldest night of the year. Putting her toothpick legs through the arm holes cut in the sock heel was a massive struggle. You would have thought the 3 lb dog was an oil-coated Doberman for the amount of resistance.”  (Carol Fletcher)

Dogs Are Deserving Rescue needs fosters.

We need good people. We ask a lot of questions before we let anyone borrow a dog from the universe. Please understand how important this is. We do our best to match each rescued dog with an appropriate foster home. We want repeat fosters and happy dogs, and we are committed to making each fostering experience enjoyable and successful!

And sure, goodbyes hurt. You helped him after he was abused, neglected, abandoned. You watched him come alive again in your home. You taught him to trust again. You love him. You will have a bond for life. You have borrowed from the universe. The dog will go to a forever home. Forever grateful to you.

And somewhere, on another dark shelf in the universe, there is another dog waiting for a chance. Please foster.    To FOSTER, APPLY HERE.

For more information:  FAQs about Fostering.    And please share this post.

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