Rex came to us after a good citizen found him in an alley and brought him into the rescue’s vet. Rex was very thin, lethargic and just all around not feeling well. After a few days with the vet on fluids, he came around and was ready to go to a foster home. About two weeks later, Rex’s foster noticed his front legs starting to knuckle and with early intervention, the vet bandaged his legs to help them heal and “straighten” to a normal position. Just as Rex started to feel better from that obstacle, his foster noticed a dramatic change in his behavior. He was having difficulty walking, laying down, and he just did not seem comfortable. We quickly rushed him to the vet to find out he suffered from hydrocephalus, which is fluid around the brain. The diagnosis was not good.  We planned to give him the night to see a specialist but Rex declined quickly over a few hours. There was nothing we could do. Rex passed peacefully that night knowing love and kindness. In a short time, Rex stole the hearts of many and is deeply missed.


Marguerite Orrico

In Memory of Marguerite OrricoOur hearts go out to the friends and family of Marguerite Orrico who recently passed away. Marguerite was an amazing woman with such a kind heart, who gave so much for animals in need. She was always there for the dogs of Dogs are Deserving and we will be eternally grateful.  With her passing –the animals and all who knew her– lost a truly special person. Words cannot express how saddened we are, and how much we’ll miss her love and support.  She will always be in the hearts of everyone here at Dogs are Deserving Rescue. Rest in peace Marguerite.


Pam Clarage

PamAs many of you may know, Pam Clarage passed away suddenly on July 30, 2015. Pam ran the Best Buddies Pet Pantry in Illinois and was always helping animals and rescue organizations however she could: picking up donations, transporting, attending events, networking, doing paperwork, designing flyers- you name it, she did it. She was always a wonderful supporter of DADR, donating treats, potty pads, and when Jana’s Blackie passed, Pam sent a $100 donation in his memory. Despite all her donations and help, she never wanted any credit. Her smile always lit up a room. We lost a great friend and a wonderful soul. Pam is at the Rainbow Bridge, with all those who have passed. Thank you Pam for all that you did for the animals. We miss you.


PabloWe received an urgent call from a friend on June 19th that there was a pit puppy tied to a trailer in a trailer park. We rushed over there to find little Pablo laying in his own vomit and stool. Poor baby was only three months old. The “owner” said he put him out there because he was throwing up all over the house. The night before we had a terrible rain and Pablo was soaking wet. As I approached, the poor baby couldn’t even lift his head but he wagged his tail. I rushed him to the vet and they took him immediately and did a Parvo test. The test came back positive. Pablo stayed at the vet getting the care he needed through the night. The poor little boy just couldn’t fight anymore he passed away the next morning. Even though we only had Pablo with us for a very short time he holds a special place in our hearts and reminds us why we do what we do when times get tough. We had Pablo cremated and he is now at his forever home with the DAD Rescue. Rest in Peace Sweet boy!


KathyKathy was not only a volunteer for Dogs are Deserving but she was also a dear friend. She worked tirelessly to help animals in need. Her creativity and passion will live on in our hearts as well as the hearts of the animals she helped save. Kathy you are deeply missed. Rest in peace!





We pulled sweet little Grace from CACC. Apparently, Grace had been sick since the beginning of May and when we pulled her we brought her directly to our vet who started her on antibiotics and fluids. We are brokenhearted this beautiful baby passed away the next day. She was just to sick to fight anymore. She didn’t die alone, she passed in loving arms which does not make it any easier. We had no idea she was even sick or we would have pulled her sooner to get her to the vet. Rest in peace sweet girl we are so very sorry you didn’t get the care you needed sooner.